Best Mates with Whales? Ladies only!

Female Humpbacks – Bestie’s who seek out each other’s company

Using photographic techniques, The Mingan Island Cetacean Study group have been studying humpback whales for the last 16 years.
They discovered that female humpback whales not only make friends with one another but get together each year to socialise.

Female Humpback remember their BFF’s, and seek them out among other whales – a startling new discovery, as previously scientists believed that humpback whales were generally unsociable towards each other.

When the female humpback meets up with her special friend, they float along together, eating and enjoying each other’s company, just like us ladies who love to get together over a cuppa to catch up on the gossip!
These friendships also have health benefits as female humpbacks who mingle in this way are healthier and give birth to more calves. Curiously, friendships between females and males, and male-male buddies are mostly unheard of. For reasons we have yet to discover, only the ladies bond via friendship.
photo by Erich Shutte

photo by Erich Shutte

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